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National Institute of Standards and Technology

Applications of Frequency Microcombs

We collaborate with the research group of Scott Diddams in the Optical Frequency Measurements Group at the National Institute of Standards and Technology in Boulder Colorado. Our efforts are directed towards miniaturized frequency combs, optical synthesizers, and precision microwave sources. In the picture below Scott Diddams and Scott Papp are holding a frequency microcomb used in a new atomic clock design. See the NIST press release.


NASA ExoPlanet Science Institute at Caltech

ExoPlanet Detection Using Astrocombs

We work with the NASA ExoPlanet Science Institute lead by Charles Beichman to develop precision radial velocity calibration tools based on frequency combs (Astrocombs). In recent work we have field tested an electro-optical-based frequency comb at the Keck II observatory NIRSPEC spectrometer. In the photo below, some of our team members are shown at the summit of Mauna Kea near the Keck II telescope.