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CLEO Talks

OFC 2021

(Invited) Microresonator Brillouin Laser Gyroscope With Earth-Rotation-Rate Sensitivity (F2E.1)
Recorded talk presented by Myoung-Gyun Suh

CLEO 2021

(Invited) A Chip-Based Brillouin Laser Gyroscope With Earth-Rotaton-Rate Sensitivity (JTu1I.2)
Recorded talk presented by Kerry Vahala

  • Towards Milli-Hertz Laser Frequency Noise on a Chip (SF2O.2) 
    Recorded talk presented by Lue Wu
  • Probing the Material Loss and Optical Nonlinearity of Integrated Photonic Materials (STh2H.7)
    Recorded talk presented by Maodong Gao
  • Formation Dynamics and Snapshots of Self-Injection-Locking Dark Solitons (FW2L.4)
    Recorded talk presented by Boqiang Shen
  • (Highlighted) Dirac Solitons in Optical Microresonators (FTu4E.1)
    Recorded talk presented by Heming Wang
  • (Highlighted) Octave-Spanning Lithium Niobate Soliton Microcombs (STu2G.1)
    Recorded talk presented by Yang He
  • The Linewidth Enhancement Factor in a Microcavity Brillouin Laser (FM4H.5)
    Recorded talk presented by Zhiquan Yuan
  • (Highlighted) Mid-Infrared Dual-Comb Spectroscopy With GHz Resolution Using Soliton Microcombs (SM3A.6)
    Recorded talk presented by Chengying Bao
  • Hertz-Level-Linewidth Semiconductor Laser via Injection Locking to an Ultra-High Q Silicon Nitride Microresonator (SM1A.2)
    Recorded talk presented by Warren Jin

CLEO 2020

  • Petermann-factor Limited Sensing near an Exceptional Point (FTu3A.4) 
    Recorded talk presented by Heming Wang
  • (Highlighted) Interleaved difference-frequency-generation for mid-infrared microcomb spectral densification (SW3J.1)
    Recorded talk presented by Chengying Bao
  • On-chip Q-factor Greater than 1 Billion (SW3J.7)
    Recorded talk presented by Lue Wu
  • Impact of Spatio-temporal Thermal Decoherence on Soliton Microcombs In Multimode Microresonators (FTh3J.4)
    Recorded talk presented by Qi-Fan Yang
  • Integrated Turnkey Soliton Microcombs Operated at CMOS Frequencies (SF3O.4)
    Recorded talk presented by Boqiang Shen